Our Values

Tapestry Development Group is guided by a core set of values that undergird and weave together all of our development efforts. These values are:

  1. Community.  We value housing developments that have a catalytic impact on the infrastructure of communities, increasing the quality of life not just for our tenants, but for all community members. We believe in a fully integrated community in which many diverse parts cohesively work together to achieve a common good. We value communities in which all people can flourish and succeed, where there is a strong sense of connectedness and mutuality. We value community service both in our professional and personal lives.

  2. Integrity.  We value and respect the people that our developments serve, the clients we work with, and the teams that come together to make our work successful. We engage in our work by committing to operate with integrity, humility, and an inner strength of convictions. We are internally guided by a strong ethical and moral compass that influences all of our decisions and actions. We gather the most respected and talented teams possible that mirror our work ethic and values.

  3. Expertise.  We value the wisdom of experience that creates sharp business acumen and a strong competency in real estate finance and project management. We value acting in a strategic and responsible manner, one that creates a strong foundation for the future. We uphold a fiscally conservative approach to development, seeking to mitigate risks inherent in real estate development throughout a development’s cycle. We possess an “owner’s perspective” to create developments that are sustainable over the long-term. We adhere to community planning principles, in which we remain mindful of the larger context and long range impacts of our individual developments in communities.

  4. Perseverance.  We value a strong and pointed work ethic. We persevere in the face of difficulties, fueled by our determination to serve those in need. When confronted with problems, we are collaborative problem-solvers who value ingenuity to find creative solutions. We welcome new challenges as an opportunity to learn and grow.

  5. Stewardship.  We value the responsibility that has been entrusted upon us to act as good stewards of resources. We do not take for granted the opportunities to harness both public and private resources of others to serve a critical community need. We seek to leverage the skills, assets, and funds of all partners in the development process to create the greatest achievable benefit. With an eye towards future generations, we value environmental sustainability and strive to utilize green building practices.

Development Principles
We are guided by the following principles which we apply to each development that we are engaged in:

  1. Affordability.  We target the rents for our developments to be truly affordable to the households we serve. We balance this commitment to affordability with the need for a development to remain financially healthy over time.

  2. Financial Sustainability.  We practice fiscal discipline in the creation of our developments and in the operation of our organization, with an eye towards long term feasibility for both. We take a conservative approach to underwriting, and we create developments that have healthy reserve accounts to prepare for the unexpected.  

  3. Responsible Ownership.  We are committed to acting in a fair and responsible manner in the ownership of our developments. We aim to offer fair compensation for on-site management and services staff. We strive to pay vendors in a timely manner. We want to address physical needs in the short term, so they do not become insurmountable problems in the future. We plan for aggressive capital needs programs so that we continue to serve our tenants responsibly over time. We bring this same mindset to the developments in which we serve as a development consultant. 

  4. Thoughtful Design and Planning.  We develop projects that are thoughtfully sited and designed to an appropriate scale to fit within the context of the surrounding neighborhoods. Our developments are designed to promote integration into the larger community, walkability, and livability. Our housing developments are to be woven into the fabric of the community. We develop sites that are well-planned and preserve the natural environment as much as possible. Our developments are to be aesthetically appealing, durable, and environmentally sensitive. Mindful that our developments must be sustainable over the long term, we utilize high quality and durable construction. Our developments are meant to last. Our developments adhere to green building practices to preserve existing assets, conserve resources, and contribute to the future health of our global community.

  5. Community Input.  We operate with sensitivity to the local community’s needs and wants. We understand the importance of communication with the local community about development plans, progress, and operations. When appropriate, we seek input about the design and operations of the property from the local community residents and other stakeholders.

  6. Improved Quality of Life.  While our work most visibly influences the built environment, we ultimately desire to positively change individual’s lives. Our developments empower residents, helping them to improve their standard of living. We recognize the catalytic positive impact that support services can have on our residents. We assess the unique needs of the residents of each development, identify appropriate service agencies, and build relationships with them in order to offer as many resources as possible to our residents. We encourage effective collaboration between site management staff and service providers in the community. We desire for our developments to positively influence not just the individual residents, but the larger social framework of the surrounding communities, promoting diversity, equity, and hope.

  7. Smart Business Decision-Making. When making decisions, we strive to avoid inertia; that is, we do not do things just because “that is how they have always been done.” We evaluate all options, analyzing both the short-term and long-term results. We utilize a collaborative approach, using our leadership to channel the collective wisdom of multiple viewpoints to arrive at the smartest decision. We seek to continually acquaint ourselves with current best practices in order to make wise business decisions.
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